Yes, the final numbers today were not what we had hoped, but they ARE undeniable evidence of how a truly grassroots approach can succeed - how democracy can and needs to overcome politics in our city halls and in Lansing.

We are finished for now, and can finally recharge, reflect and celebrate what we've accomplished together these past five months. But we know the work to improve our communities, our politics, and our government is never finished.

Congratulations to Mike and his campaign staff, and to Durrel, Ernest, and David, as well, for their successes and hard work in this race.

And from the bottom of my heart, thank you to all of my new friends, family, and supporters throughout our new district.

It was my honor to meet you, to learn from you, and to receive your vote yesterday. You know you can always reach out anytime in the coming weeks and months. Please do! I will see you all again very soon.